What We Offer To You !

Timeless Edge offers a variety of Consulting and Coaching and Learning Services; each designed to address particular aspects of People, Performance management and development. Under-listed are some of our services.

Competency Mapping

Our competency mapping services are designed to help you identify and leverage the unique strengths and skills of your employees. Through a comprehensive assessment process, we create a competency framework that aligns individual capabilities with your organization’s goals, empowering your workforce to excel.

HR & Recruitment

Specialized and General, Executive Headcount:

Our recruitment services are driven by our commitment to finding the right fit for your organization. Whether you require specialized talent, general positions, or executive headcount, we apply a meticulous approach to source, assess, and select candidates who align with your values and contribute to your long-term success.

Organization diagnostics

Timeless Edge specializes in organizational diagnostics, delving deep into your company’s structure, culture, and processes. Our expert consultants diagnose the areas that need improvement, providing you with valuable insights and actionable strategies to optimize performance and foster a thriving work environment.

Setting up a Standard HR Unit/Department

We take pride in setting up HR units that serve as the cornerstone of your organization’s success. Drawing on our expertise, we design and implement a standard HR unit that aligns with your unique needs, ensuring compliance, effective processes, and streamlined HR practices.

Employee Engagement System and Strategy. Employee Opinion Poll/Survey

Timeless Edge is dedicated to nurturing a culture of employee engagement and satisfaction. Our customized employee engagement systems and strategies, coupled with opinion polls and surveys, enable us to gather valuable feedback and drive continuous improvement in your organization.

Performance Management System and Strategy

At Timeless Edge, we recognize that a robust performance management system is the bedrock of organizational growth. Our tailored strategies and systems empower your teams to perform at their best, driving accountability, fostering professional development, and nurturing a high-performance culture.

Learning and Development – General and Bespoke

Timeless Edge offers comprehensive learning and development solutions that cater to both general needs and customized requirements. Our training programs empower your workforce with essential skills and knowledge, fostering continuous growth and adaptability.

Set up & Review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

We specialize in setting up and reviewing standard operating procedures that streamline your organization’s processes and drive efficiency. Our SOPs are tailored to your specific needs, enhancing productivity and ensuring consistency in operations.

Training Plan: Training Need Analysis

Our training need analysis involves a thorough assessment of your organization’s skills gaps and learning objectives. Based on these insights, we develop a strategic training plan that equips your employees with the competencies required to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

Policy Writing

Timeless Edge excels in crafting policies that lay the foundation for a well-structured and harmonious work environment. Our policy writing services encompass a thorough understanding of your organizational culture, industry regulations, and best practices, resulting in policies that promote transparency and compliance.

Outsourcing Services

We understand the significance of efficient outsourcing for organizational growth. Our outsourcing services enable you to focus on core competencies while entrusting specialized tasks to our skilled professionals, resulting in enhanced productivity and cost optimization.

Development of Standardized/Customized Job Descriptions for Your Employees

Our expert consultants develop standardized and customized job descriptions that are clear, comprehensive, and align with your organization’s objectives. These job descriptions serve as essential tools for recruitment, performance management, and employee development.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence through diversity.