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At Timeless Edge, our core belief centers around the profound impact of people on every organization’s success. A visionary leader may harbor dreams, but without people, these dreams remain intangible; it is with people that dreams take flight, transforming into palpable realities that thrive in the world.

We are committed to empowering individuals by providing them with the essential resources and tools that grant them an edge, granting them a life advantage to develop their innate potential to the fullest. Our people are our most treasured asset, and we treat them with the utmost care and respect, recognizing their value far surpasses that of mere machines. Embracing a work-life balance, we extend this philosophy to our clients, fostering a culture of well-being and fulfillment.

At Timeless Edge, our work philosophy revolves around the 21st-century organization and worker, who seeks to build a business or career that endures the test of time. We believe in cultivating a culture of unwavering value and an unwavering commitment to selfless service. This non-negotiable orientation propels us and our clients towards a future characterized by lasting success and meaningful impact.

Our Timeless Mission

To constantly engage the leadership and executive Management of organizations in creating proper business structures, deploying world class Human Resources departments and employing strategic approach to people & business management through exemplary integrity, excellence, diligence, godliness and enthusiasm.

Our Timeless Values – iEDGE

i = Integrity

E = Excellence

D = Diligence

G = Godliness

E = Enthusiasm

Our Timeless Vision

To be a leading firm and a force to reckon with in the creation and deployment of business structure, HR Services and People & Business Management strategy in Nigeria, Africa and Globally.

Our Timeless People

Faith Akintunde

Faith Akintunde

Non-Executive Director

Femi Akintunde



Emmanuel Abegunde

HR lead: People, Culture and Business


Toyin Olajubu

Business Operations Officer


Anthony Ogwugwua Agadah (LLB, BL, LLM)

Legal Adviver

Udoka Michael Ekwomadu

HR lead: People, Culture and Business


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